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Because I get bored and need a bit of artistic inspiration. Either that or playing games or watching movies.Bunny bored This bunny represents my motivation at this point in time.
My boo once again suggested me Manga Here because he's a big fan of Drifters and anything by Hirano Kouta. Since then I've been reading a lot of manga online. Though, I really don't have the budget to be buying physical manga copies right now, so it's a big dollar saver. Though if I need to comment on anything I have to get a facebook account. Did you know I'm a big facebook hater? Ugh! My Mom is a bigger facebook girl than I am . . .
Any who, with Manga Here, I've been able to read a lot of manga, manhwa and other publications that would've been out of my reach. Even the obscure works that need their well deserved dues even among the mainstream manga. Now you may be asking "Pillz, what stuff are you reading online? Can you tell us?" Well, of course I'll tell my loyal watchers . . . whoa, I have fifty-eight watchers? I should put out more stuff. Need to get use to my new tablet though . . . but back to the manga/manhwa list. Here they are, my current manga/manhwa/manhua reading list on Manga Here:

Drifters, by Hirano Kouta
From the manga-ka who created the popular Hellsing series comes his latest bloody creation! Several noted historical figures are gathered from different points in human history and are transferred to a fantasy realm where they have to duke it out against other historical figures and help several fantasy races while they're at it. As crazy as that sounds, this manga is a rollicking good read! Certain figures like Oda Nobunaga, Yoichi, Jeanne D'Arc, Anastasia, Rasputin and Hannibal appear as key figures in this war-trodden epic in a world filled with elves, dwarves, hobbits and werewolves. Yeah, there's going to be a lot of Lord of the Rings references in this one, still waiting on the hobbits to make an entrance, though. Not to mention they're put into a world by a pair of omniscient people just to see if their faction they're rooting for wins or not. Also, there are dwarves with fricking huge guns. If I was a guy, my balls would hit the floor upon seeing that image. But I'm a woman so . . . my ovaries would get bigger?

Shana O Yoshitsune, by Sawada Hirofumi
A manga so hardcore and mature, that you forget it's actually a shonen manga. It follows the adventures of Hyouta, a young, impoverished street performer who looks like the young Ushiwaka-maru, a noble boy of the Minamoto household. In order to protect Ushiwaka from the ambitious Taira clan, Hyouta and Ushiwaka swap identities and live a double life whilst thwarting the dominant Taira clan. If you're wondering why Mark Twain is popping up on the side of your computer screen, then don't worry, he does that from time to time. Yes, this manga series does harken to Twain's The Prince and the Pauper novel, but does carve into the themes of identity, perseverance, friendship, the darkness behind politics and promises. Despite being labeled a shonen manga, it has a lot of mature content like depression, manipulation, rape, discrimination, crushing rabbits in your bare hands, drowning babies and child labour. Not to mention a dick measuring contest in the first chapter. The series is still being translated online, while also having a sequel series Shana O Yoshitsune: The Gempei Wars which follows them during the bloody Gempei war at the end of the Heian period. I really would like to see this series get recognized more since it's such a good read. Also, there's a lot of derp-faces . . . lots and lots of silly derp-faces.

Noblesse, by Son Jae-Ho and Lee Gwang Su
This is a long manhwa webcomic with quite the number of chapters; so far over 350 chapters. I've just reached the over 100 chapters mark on this one and I still want to read more. It follows a powerful being called Cadis Etrama Di Raizel (nicknamed Rai by his friends), a vampire noble called a noblesse (after the French term Noblesse Oblige) with unthinkable powers and a hot bod to boot. He's been asleep for 820 years and has now woken up in the middle of South Korea. Since then, he's been going to high school, been chased down by a shadowy organization that makes abominations and has attracted the attention of other noble vampires. However, despite having a group of normal and not-so-normal friends, he lacks the knowledge of opening a door or eating a banana. (I'm pretty sure they had doors 820 years ago, but whatever). Not only is the action and pathos of the characters great in this series, but it does poke fun at Rai's flaws of understanding simple human interactions. The artwork looks very reminiscent of Tite Kubo's Bleach series . . . but without the roundabout plot. 

Trinity Blood, By Yoshida Sunao and Kyujyo Kiyo
Ever since Tokyopop went under way back when, I heavily longed for this series to be picked up . . . and Grail-kun heard my plea. A post-apocalyptic Earth is occupied by two waring entities, the humans (Terrans) and the vampires (Methuselahs) and there are several organizations trying to keep the balance between the two volatile races. Abel and Esther are both lovable heroes that you'll root for and Abel's veiled past keeps on playing a part to the events that the current world will succumb to. Not to mention that Abel is a kresnik, a vampire that feeds off the blood of vampires who is nearly-impossible to kill.


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M. J. Hall
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Hello, deviants~<3

Welcome to my deviantART profile of my traditional and digital artwork. My work here consists of character designs, photoshop and illustrator images and all sorts of photography.
I tend to surf through deviantART and favourite many different artists and their artwork. It's crazy how in over a year, I have over 35,000 pictures in my favourites files. I adore art in all it's forms~<3
I enjoy people's comments so please leave a comment if you can. Also don't forget to favourite and follow me if you enjoy my artwork.
If you want to learn how I make my artwork, please look me up on my blogger site below. I post my WIPs on my artwork and the stages that it goes through.…


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