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Sunday, October 12th . . . I had lost my manicure virginity. I lost it in front of my Aunt. Tears 2 ( Emotion ) 
Yeah, I kinda forgot the exact date of when I lost my pedicure virginity, but whatevz. bunneh icon17 
Never really got into painting my nails when I was younger. I do remember one of my cousins painting my nails when I was very young, but she was into that sort of thing. She even dressed my youngest cousin, who is a boy, in full on drag-- makeup, hair done, fingernails and toenails all done up when he was younger than eight. Weird thing is, he's now 6'8". I guess I was one of those girls who wasn't into painting my nails or getting pedicures when I was growing up. In fact, I have a few jars of nail polish that have hardened into concrete over the past fifteen to twenty years. Neither was I into wearing makeup, like eyeshadow or eyeliner. You should see me when my Mom tried to put eyeliner on me for the first time, I was giggling my ass off. I'm just ticklish in a lot of places. My Mom seems to like to make me up when it's a special occasion. I don't mind her doing it though. She's really good at it. I tend to clump up everything that I put on like a five-year-old.
Sorry for going off track. Ever since I got onto deviantART a few years ago, I noticed a staggering amount of body art that I liked and put into my favourites. This has ranged from make up, nail art, tattoos to full on body make up from head to toe. All of the detail put into them is just mind-boggling, especially since someone is wearing all of what you put on them. But the real appreciation comes from when I got my first pedicure. When my mom was on a Caribbean cruise in February, she got hr first pedicure. Before that, my Mom was very skittish about people touching her feet . . . all except me who would massage them with lotion when her feet were achey. After that, she had a change of heart and loved getting her toes and nails pampered. So, when her pedi was starting to wear off, she took me with her to the nail salon for pedis. Mind you, when they start to scrub me and massage my feet with lotion, I turn into a giggly little schoolgirl. I'm VERY ticklish down there . . . I mean it. Afterwards, I really began to respect all of the women working on fingernails and toenails. I don't have the prettiest toes in the world (even my Mom says that I've inherited my Dad's big toe) but they work with whatever they get to make them look beautiful. I've noticed from going to two nail salons that a lot of East Asian women work in them. I guess nail culture has been big there for a very long time. ((The Chinese elite were known for growing out their nails as a symbol of their wealth and luxury, often wearing nail guards to protect them from breaking.)) As for those Sabertooth-like acrylic nails . . . not a big fan of those. But I do appreciate the designs.


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M. J. Hall
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Hello, deviants~<3

Welcome to my deviantART profile of my traditional and digital artwork. My work here consists of character designs, photoshop and illustrator images and all sorts of photography.
I tend to surf through deviantART and favourite many different artists and their artwork. It's crazy how in over a year, I have over 35,000 pictures in my favourites files. I adore art in all it's forms~<3
I enjoy people's comments so please leave a comment if you can. Also don't forget to favourite and follow me if you enjoy my artwork.
If you want to learn how I make my artwork, please look me up on my blogger site below. I post my WIPs on my artwork and the stages that it goes through.…

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